Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roadkill Kitten

Tough to be a street kitten with two broken legs, a bone poking through infected skin, and ants eating the wound.
Hoicked by the scruff of his neck from a lane in Benhil, Jakarta, this motorbike roadkill candidate actually made it through the night.


  1. IbuMichele has left a new comment on your post "Roadkill Kitten":

    I'll pay whatever it takes to care for him, if that will help.

  2. Ibu Michele,
    You are extremely kind: thank you so much for this offer.

    The vet is keeping him overnight and will x-ray him tomorrow to see if his spine and hip are broken, and if he is able to pass out food and water. She says there is sadly a chance he may need to have a leg amputated. In this case, I may consider putting him down. However, if there is a fighting chance he can recover, I'll take him in. Fingers and paws crossed.

    To be continued...

  3. There's one vet in Jakarta that can do the amputation at Rangungan. We did it for a stray, completely feral cat, and he was fine on his own. The kitten would need to be adopted for it to work, but in a house, three legs are enough.

  4. You are so kind. Congratulations for giving such a good example for others to follow. Too many people would have walked past and ignored that poor kitten.

  5. He needed a paperwork name, so he is Tiga, but pronounced Tigger.

    Tiga is the Indonesian word for three (a mean reference to his three legs), but the pronunciation Tigger is a reference to all things 'tiger' as well as a nod to his fighting will to survive.