Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hell Bank Notes

Lukman sells bank notes and merchandise for the dead.
The shop, Ting Ting, is named after Lukman's sister. It’s up in Chinatown, Glodok, north Jakarta. He sells incense, candles, oil, and paper replicas of earthly goods: paper tuxedos, paper mobile phones, paper handbags, paper watches and jewelry, even paper super bikes.
His shop is narrow and dark, stocked high on either side with red, gold and silver coloured items. Red is for luck, gold is for the gods, and silver is for the dead.

"These goods are for our ancestors to use in the afterlife, to make them more comfortable."
The paper replicas are burned at Chinese temples for the spirits to use. There are Versace paper slippers and denominations of Hell Bank Note Corporation notes of up to a quadrillion dollars (that’s fifteen zeros).
"Why are the bank denominations so high?"
"Well, we don’t know how much a bowl of noodles costs in the afterlife," replies Lukman.

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