Friday, September 17, 2010

No MO Limo

Scavengers do not enter our village.
The signs aren’t welcoming for scavengers picking a life in the countryside south of Yogyakarta, central Java.

“Why are the villages anti-scavenger?” I asked a fisherman, as we squished small pink worms onto barbed hooks at a village fish pond.

“Because they take everything," he replied. "Even items which have not been deliberately left outside our houses for collection or recycling.”

Aturan Kampung: MO limo larangan keras di RT 2.
You are now entering a village in which MO limo is absolutely forbidden.
"What's MO Limo?"
"Five bad things beginning with the letter M."

Mabuk: being drunk.
Main perempuan: chasing women
Madat: taking drugs
Mencuri/ maling: stealing
Main judi: gambling
In addition to refraining from MO Limo and excluding scavengers, many signs ask overnight visitors to report to the Village Chief, and request that day visitors leave the village by 9pm or 9:30pm local time.

In Jakarta village rules can include health and hygiene tips.


  1. i remember a few years back i saw a sign warning about communists - even tho they are a bit of a dying breed in the last few decades.

  2. This sign for overnight visitors to report to the head of the village might have started in the early 90s. But the very inclusion of anti-scavengers into the sign is rather new.