Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shoe Leather Cost

"I walk so far each day I go through nine pairs of flipflops a year," said Suriadi, peddler of sweets and cellophaned snacks in Kembang Kuning, West Java.
Suriadi set his mobile shop down on the side of the road. "Weighs twenty kilos," he said. His wares comprised two wooden cupboards of miscellaneous merchandise looped at either end of a wooden pole carried across the shoulder. "I start at the market at 7am each morning and walk through and around the village until 3pm. I've been walking this village for ten years."
"It's much better now that the village has a proper road and not that narrow path anymore," Suriadi continued. "It used to be slippery and muddy in the rainy season. It was hard to know where to tread, hard to keep my feet and trousers clean."

Most of Suriadi's customers are children, with miniature cars and puzzles being the most popular items.

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