Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nice Lookin' Bird

"Hey kid, nice looking bird. Can I buy it?"
"What for?"
"See, I just got this new kaki lima to sell special fried chicken from, but I haven't any stock."
Kaki lima in Indonesian means five feet: three on the pushcart and two on the seller. There's quite a variety of kaki lima designs selling different items: some specialise in fried noodles or chicken porridge or meat ball soup, others in fresh vegetables or fried tofu nuggets. Each type of produce is announced by a unique sound the seller makes as he pushes his cart through the streets.
Here's a batik I made showing a rujak seller and his kaki lima. Rujak is unripe fruit served wincingly tart with a dollop of sweet peanut sauce. The lit cigarette is de rigueur and gives that streetside flavour.
"What's with the mie ayam spesial Melanie?"
Mie ayam spesial means special chicken noodles, and it's pronounced mee-I-am.....


  1. O, the glo'ry of it,
    A marvel of cabinet'ry,
    This ship of gustat'ry trey-sures.
    Godsped an' damned be the devil's baksoooo.

  2. You did it! That's great! Can I play with it when we get back?

  3. the pushcart could use some colors (:

  4. I'm think of painting it batik, Iq! All colours schemes and art recommendations welcome.