Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Junior Birdman and the Gremlin

Tucked amongst the musty secondhand books in an open air book market in Taman Mini was a 1960s edition of Air Force Terms.

Fun glossary items include:
Oranges sweet: good weather (suitable for a flying mission).
Oranges sour: poor weather.
Also: junior birdman for an inexperienced pilot, kiwi for a non-flying officer, and go-juice for jet fuel. Happy hour is also listed.
And when things go wrong, blame a gremlin. Gremlin: "imaginary elf responsible for aircraft troubles."


  1. I always made wonder, when I saw not the Indonesian people photographing my country atmosphere, they always get an interesting perspective to look at. hmmmm ... I want to dive at your pictures!

  2. Thanks Membaca Indonesia! But all credit goes to Indonesia - with all its photogenic aspects and people, and all those quirky adventures around every corner!