Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bite of the Graveyard

It's not ghosts in the graveyard, it's goats.

Eating up the pretty flowers and grasses. But, where else does an impoverished inner-city farmer without land permits set his goats to graze? Let the livestock feed on the deadstock.
The other danger to the rest of the dead is the burning of city garbage, right on the tombstones. Scavengers empty their wooden pushcarts of city trash in the graveyards for other pickers to comb through looking for waste with value.

"Especially plastics," said one man, squatting beside a headstone watching the smoke drift into the blue sky. "We sell it on to factories."
The goats comb through the garbage as well. Junk food.

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  1. Without green spaces, graveyards are multipurpose communal spaces? I bet other activities go on there as well.