Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bamboo creatures

"What's inside these funny green and brown tubes? It looks like they are stuffed with autumn leaves."
"Ulat bambu," said a man sitting on a plastic stool inside the dark doorway of a small pet food kiosk on Jl. Barito, south Jakarta. There are scores and scores of these four-inch shorn bamboo sections stacked upon each other.

"What's ulat?"
He grins; takes a tube, teases out the leaf stopper and taps wriggling white maggots into his palm.
"There are twelve bamboo maggots inside each tube. They're bird food."
"For what kind of bird?"
"Any that want it."

A dozen bamboo maggots will set you back Rp 2,000 ($0.20).

Barito is also where you can lose your heart to a slow loris: Barito. And for monkey-lovers, keep clear of Pramuka.

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  1. If I were a bird, I'd stick to the nuts and seeds.