Saturday, May 15, 2010

Strawberry Coffee

Benhil is a bit magical. Every excursion through Benhil brings new discoveries. Like the time I discovered there was a botanical garden in Benhil. And today when I discovered fresh strawberry coffee (es kopi stroberi).
Another must try is the hot chocolate orange coffee (kopi djeroek tjoklat), which is served with slices of orange bobbing in a glass cup.

The newly discovered neighbourhood coffee house is Koffiedoeloe, which opened eight months ago. It's got free wifi, a garden, and a tarot card reader at the weekends. What more could you want?
-Tofu coffee?
Don't be cheeky.
-But do they have it?
Well, as a matter of fact, tofu coffee is also on the menu.

The coffeehouse is also home to a local batik, arts and craft-making club and their small shop......and has a cupboard full of games, include mankala boards (below). Just the thing if it starts raining...
Koffiedoeloe has a collection of old Indonesian cigarette boxes. One of them is called Warung Kopi, which means coffee cafe.
How did I hear about Koffiedoeloe? Someone thoughtfully tucked a flyer in the front gate of my house. The flyer generously included six coupons offering free iced coffees and plates of fried rice. The waitress, however, was somewhat surprised by the existence of the proferred flyer, and waved it away like a mosquito. The expiry date was 30 December 2009.
Koffiedoeloe is on Jl Pejompongan Raya No. 1, Benhil, central Jakarta; 021 979 58 735.


2011 update: Koffiedoeloe has now closed down.

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  1. Cute place.I love Benhil and all its little hidden gems, but tofu coffee? That sounds dubious at best. I realize the strawberry makes for a better picture, but why have you not tried the tofu flavor?? You don't strike me as someone who would be a chicken....