Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love Bites/ or the Bruise Method

Here's Pak Juhariati from Madura, East Java. He can cure flagging lust, eczema, and haemorrhoids in one stroke. "It's called Metode Bekam," he says. The bruise method. For Rp30,000 ($3.00) Juhariati places glass vacuum cups at strategic points on a customer's body.
"It's a tradional therapy using traditional oil," Juhariati explains. With a syringe gun he sucks the air from the cup, pulling the patient's skin outwards like a half billiard ball. In seconds the flesh reddens.
The cupping treatment doesn't last long. Once all the requisite cups are on, he pops them off; revealing pepperoni slices over the patient's body. He then massages a fiery oil (which smells of Deep Heat) into the skin and pulls a few reflexology moves.

Juhariati operates from a black messenger bag of tricks spread on a red sheet of canvas on a grass verge beside the inner ring road of the Senayan sports stadium in central Jakarta. A single sheet of paper lists the ailments Metode Bekam can treat ("God-willing," it adds): sick kidneys, sore tendons, migraines, impotence, diabetes, asthema, and tummy aches.
"I get about three customers a week. Sometimes two," continues Juhariati.

Ordinarily Juhariati works at Taman Mini in south Jakarta, but on Sunday mornings he sneaks into the Gelora Bung Karno sports grounds. "We don't have permits to work here," he admits, gesturing to two other men kneeling beside their cupping equipment.
Over in the park around the national monument (Monas), the cupping practitioners draw blood through the patient's skin into the cups.


  1. Love your blog, such great pics :) I found it through Trish's Twitter.

  2. I am guessing that is Drew getting the cup treatment. He should be cured of just about everything by now!

  3. it's good work, cupping therapy (Alhejama) cure many pain .

  4. Thank you for the comment Dr. Ahmed. Your Sports Cupping blog is packed with weird and wonderful drawings and photographs showing different cupping methods through the ages.