Saturday, May 22, 2010

A loris is not a cat

"They prefer Dancow-brand powdered milk," said Pak Sukis on Jl Barito, south Jakarta, holding a palm-sized slow loris from Sumatra out for me. "It's a kuskus," he says. "They like bananas and milk. I'll give you a discount." His opening price is Rp 900,000 ($90.00) for an adult, and Rp 700,000 ($70.00) for a juvenile. The kuskus sits in the palm of my hand, holding my fingers in her tiny hands. She has teeny fingernails and is featherweight. She climbs up my arm and sits on my shoulder, holding onto the fabric of my t-shirt with all four paws. There's a long dark stripe down the spine of her soft ecru coat.
I ask if customers need to take the kuskus to the vet first for injections before taking them home. Pak Sukis looks at me and frowns, "It's not a cat," he says.

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