Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eating in Little Aceh

Even though the Acehnese freedom fighters have laid down their separatist weapons against Indonesia, it still feels a bit badass to go to an Acehnese restaurant for dinner.Tonight, dinner for two of: super mie (noodles) with squid, roti cane (something like a savoury pancake with goat curry), martabak (a hot chili crepe), two glasses of mango juice and a teh tarik (pulled tea) cost Rp 84,000 ($8.00). Acehnese food comes with a lot of chopped shallots!
Pulled tea tastes like warm caramel. It's actually black tea with condensed milk and cinnamon, served with a cinnamon stick and, in this restaurant, a plastic straw. The 'pulled' part refers to the tea being extravagantly poured back and forth between two vessels to give froth and flavour.
Meutia Masakan Aceh is located on Jl Benhil, no. 16 opposite the market.


  1. for more home-made-feeling acehnese food (and "unpolished" servings as well), i'd recommend SEULAWAH. also in bendhil area, right accross the mintoharjo hospital. their "ayam tangkap" (captured chicken?) is a must try.

  2. I love that place! They also serve a mean ganja sauce/pesto that really spices up the noodles. What I also like about them is that you can pop in, grab your big old plate of noodles, slurp 'em down and get out.