Saturday, April 10, 2010

Colour Fast Puppies

Acun has a lit cigarette jutting straight from the centre of his lips and tattoos up his arms. He looks like a sea dog. He sells puppies with Band-Aids in their ears. “We tape their ears together in a point so they grow upright and straight. It’s preferable,” he says, ash falling from his mouth. Preferable puppies open at a Rp 400,000 ($40) pre-haggling price.Above the street’s dark drainage ditch, Acun’s colleague bathes the puppies. The bathing station consists of three black plastic buckets and a packet of Ekonomis laundry detergent. “It’s cheaper than shampoo,” he explains, dunking a black and tan into the first sudsy bucket. The puppy gasps, but doesn’t struggle. He vigorously rubs detergent into its fur. Good lather. Safe hand washing. Colour fast.

“I sell about three dogs a day. More on Sunday when people are buying gifts,"said Acun.
The puppy sellers work along Jl. Cimahi, off Jl. Latuharhary, Menteng/Kuningan between 8-5pm every day. Drive-thru sale possible. Take bus 66 or 620 up Jl. Rasuna Said, turning left just before Izzi Pizza.


  1. i always got a mixed feelings whenever i pass this area. the pups certainly would be more well-handled if we adopt (buy) them, but in other hand buying from this guys means we help their business keep running.

  2. What's even crazier, is that you can hire the puppies as well for the weekend...

  3. So after a day or two of human joy, they must return to these goodlather-safehandwashing-colourfast-ekonomis treatments. Sick humans. Poor pups.
    It's really hard to be animal in jkt.

  4. what,they bathe the puppies with Ekonomis laundry detergent.? poor puppies.. :(
    i just noticed if we can hire the puppies..

    Nice Info & Blog

    Dhika eliazar